ODI Belfast Launches

ODI Belfast launches

ODI Belfast, a new NICVA project, will work with voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, government, businesses, and citizens across Northern Ireland to drive innovation, boost transparency and bring about social, economic and environmental change.

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share. Described by many as the raw material of the 21st century, there has been a real drive to make open data available, and a new ecosystem is now emerging in Northern Ireland.

ODI Belfast will be one of the driving forces in developing this ecosystem. As a learning and networking Node, it will host a range of events, workshops and training courses, which will be relevant and accessible to all sectors in Northern Ireland. The Node will also bring together open data communities by hosting events, producing open data case studies and helping to promote the understanding of open data in Northern Ireland.

The Node will complement NICVA’s Big Lottery-funded Detail Data project which is working to increase the frequency, quality and type of data open for public use and to build the capacity of the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland in using open data to accurately tell the story about the individuals, families and communities they work with.

Seamus McAleavey, Chief Executive of NICVA said:

“NICVA is excited to be joining the global network of the Open Data Institute. We have been leading the way on open data through our Detail Data project and our engagement with organisations across Northern Ireland to open up their data. Becoming the first Open Data Institute Node in Northern Ireland will help NICVA increase the awareness and use of open data across all sectors for public good”.

Richard Stirling, International Director at the Open Data Institute said:

“ODI Belfast will be a lynchpin of the global ODI Network. They will build data literacy by teaching people how to get value from data. They will bring together local experts and companies to create the best in open data innovation.”

ODI Belfast launch

L-R: Stephen, Andrea and Bob from ODI Belfast, with Anneza and Liz from ODI HQ

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